Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Misandry Rears Its Ugly Head In Presidential Campaign

The misandristic myths generated by feminist's influence have even spilled over into the current presidential campaign with Barak Obama's discriminatory speech to mark Father's Day by to singling out and bashing fathers as "Deadbeat Dads", particularly black fathers. Obama said fathers have "have abandoned their responsibilities, acting like boys instead of men."

The article written by Glen Sacks said that "Obama put all blame for family breakdown squarely on men. This is beyond ludicrous. It's doubtful that many dads wake up in the morning and say to themselves, "My child loves me and needs me, my wife/girlfriend loves me and needs me--I'm outta here."

Despite the stereotype of the feckless and irresponsible male, research shows that the vast majority of divorces as well as many break-ups of unmarried couples are initiated by women, not by men. Yes, some mothers have good reasons for these breakups. Yet, as Jonetta Rose Barras, the African-American author of Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl, explains, many black fathers are simply being "kicked to the curb." [Read more...]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Second Wives Affected By Archaic Alimony Laws

The below article indicates the growing awareness of the inherent dangers of getting divorced. Not only are men susceptible to incurring financial suicide, but women, who would be successor wives, are finding that their income can be required to make court-ordered alimony payments to their husband's ex-wife.

Within hours of an op-ed piece appearing in the Boston Globe that condemns Massachusetts' out-of-date and lopsided alimony laws ("The Chilling Effect of the State's Divorce Laws," June 13, 2008), we can see the growing influence that alimony has on parties decisions whether or not to get married. In turn, it is the primary cause that is responsible for the current Marriage Strike that is changing the landscape and structure of the family and institution of marriage in our society.

Undisclosed in these reports is the fact that The Alliance For Freedom From Alimony, Inc., which is the national organization for alimony reform in the U.S., has been supporting the efforts of the Reform Massachusetts Alimony which is the Massachusetts chapter branch of the Alliance. The Alliance's legal team has been responsible for assisting them in their legal efforts from its inception though to the appeals court.

Women Cancel Weddings Within Hours of Boston Globe Op-ed Regarding State's Alimony Laws

BOSTON, June 18, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Within hours of an op-ed piece appearing in the Boston Globe that condemns Massachusetts' out-of-date and lopsided alimony laws ("The Chilling Effect of the State's Divorce Laws," June 13, 2008), Mass Alimony Reform received a phone call from a woman who had planned to marry a divorced man in September, but after reading the article, decided to cancel her wedding. [Read more...]

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Higher Death Rates For Men Yield Lower Government Funding Than For Women

In another area where misdirected concern has been spotlighted is in the government and media where the primary focus and publicity has been on diseases that affect only women. Men have been pushed to the rear as far as government funding for medical research in light of the fact that men have a higher death rate than women.

In his blog, Glenn Sacks on March 17th, 2008 discusses an article from U.S. News & World Report: 'Why Men Are So Good at Dying', and says:
According to the Men's Health Policy Center, for example, men die at higher rates than women for many leading causes of death. That includes, for example, a death rate for men that's 50 percent higher than that of women for cancer; twice that of women for ischemic heart disease, and three times that of women for HIV/AIDS. On average—as it's often pointed out—men live a total of 5.2 years less than women. [Read More...]

Is this the way the government's displays equality for "All" the American people? Could it be said that all people are created equal, but some people are created more equal than others???

Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Study: Men on Marriage Strike Because They Fear Divorce

An interesting article was just published by a renown author who writes and campaigns to expose the misandry and gender bias towards men in the courts and the media.

New Study: Men on Marriage Strike Because They Fear Divorce
June 2nd, 2008 by Glenn Sacks

In my co-authored column Have Anti-Father Family Court Policies Led to a Men's Marriage Strike? (Philadelphia Inquirer, (7/5/02) six years ago I postulated that men were on a "Marriage Strike" because of the way they get manhandled in divorce. A new study supports that view. According to Reuters' Men prefer being solo over a bad marriage: study (6/2/08): [Read More….]

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Beginning Of The End

The beginning of the end of the institution of marriage is underway. Misandry and the media have denigrated the role of men in our society to where they apparently exist solely as objects of ridicule and sources for financial support to women.

What Types Of Men Are The Focus Of Feminist Misandry?

They are the same type of men as the pioneers who built this country into the great power it once was and now are labeled as "deadbeat dads."

They are the same type of men who raised generations of families without government intervention and are now charged with domestic violence and abuse.

They are the same type of men who are expected to fight and die for our freedoms and protect our country from the enemy yet are refused the same freedoms they fought for.

They are the same type of men who will face the family courts with less rights than the worst of criminals and will be denied due process of law in their dealings with the court because their "crime" was a civil one.

They are the same type of men who are now being stripped of their children, finances and future by being sacrificed in the name of "equity and justice" on the altar of the family law injustice system for the gain of others.

They are the same type of men who will never find closure for the sole reason that they committed the heinous "crime" of having a marriage go bad and will forever be ensnared in the crushing tentacles of the court.

They are the same type of men who are finding out that marriage is synonymous with "financial suicide" and involuntary servitude "forever."

They are the same type of men who have suffered alienation of their children, evicted from their home, and committed financial suicide by ever getting married.

They are the same type of men who are spreading the message to whomever will listen to them and unite with them in their strike.

They are the same type of men who will never marry again----for they are on a Marriage Strike!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

Let me preface this post with the comment that this blog is not about misogyny nor is it meant to imply that all women are bad. It is primarily directed at the small number of women who have poisoned society with the idea that families raised solely by mothers is the ideal arrangement.

From the beginning, it was meant for man and woman to work as a team and raise responsible families to propagate the species. Now, it appears that our society is following a doctrine espoused by the Communists back in the 20’s. Read this article Communism and the Family by Alexandra Kollontai in 1920 and see the parallels to what is happening today in our society. It’s frighteningly accurate when you look around you today. Also take a look at the Communist Manifesto.

In my associations, I have found that some of our staunchest and anti-feminist supporters are the second wives whose present husband is a victim and in an indentured servitude relationship with his ex-wife. They have a first hand view of the devastation that has been wreaked by the feminists and the family law courts who support them and their goals.

One doesn’t have to be anti-man to be pro woman. My congratulations go out to the many women who have fought to keep their husbands and children in a traditional family unit and to raise them with the values we cherish.


Look around you and ask yourself-----Where have all the heroes gone? Some of my old movie heroes are John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson and other similar actors. These were men who stood up for what was right and didn’t back down from anyone. Their objective was to take out the bad guy and make things right in the world. You never heard them use cuss words even in the heat of battle.

Granted, they were movie actors, yet the way they were portrayed in the movies was as a man’s man. Unlike today where, in the media, most of them are either seen as bumbling idiots incapable of finding their own tush with both hands or perpetrators of violence and abuse upon women and children in their role as “deadbeat dads” whose only objective is to evade their families and obligations so they can nest with some sweetie pie other than their wife.

It seems like the male portion of society consists of these “degenerate” types of individuals, while other larger portion consists of government agencies whose sole purpose is to generate laws and agencies to deal with these societal pariah type individuals. They thus enable an ever-expanding role of government by implementing profit centers to fill government coffers at the expense of some individual who had the misfortune to become ensnared for a lifetime in the tentacles of the family law industry injustice system.

The growth of government typically is a prime example of self-perpetuation in motion. It is truly a hermaphroditic entity.

Well, perhaps I might be exaggerating a bit, the amount of government agencies would have to be less than half because you’d have to factor in the disproportionate amount of government focus and growth in the “let’s protect the American people from terrorists” by providing an incalculable quantity of government agencies and personnel that they will interject between the people they are “protecting” and the terrorists.

But what can you expect from a society that idolizes and dotes on overpaid celebrity misbehaving, excesses, addictions, and other egregious behavior. Between families raised by the mother in a matriarchal family and with the current role models with whom children are presented in the media, what kind of future generation can we expect? Where does the father fit in??

Men weren’t always caricatured in such an unfavorable light as they are now. Feminist individuals and Groups in the 60’s such as the National Organization of Women [NOW], feminist Gloria Steinhem and S.C.U.M [Society for Cutting Up Men] in their Manifesto were responsible for starting the trend. Currently you can see the fruits of their labor everywhere you turn. The devastation left in their wake has forever altered the landscape of our society and portends ominous things for the future of the family.

Feminists started off seeking equality, and ended up attempting to establish a matriarchal society where the male is a non-essential part of the family. They don’t even need men to procreate children….they can go to the nearest sperm bank and make their own.

Are we to imply that there are no more good men who care for their wife and children? Because the implication from feminists and the media is that they are no longer an indispensable part of a happy family and for the time being they are tolerated as a necessary evil to provide support for the feminist after they have destroy the family unit taken the assets and children and left the man out to swing in the wind.

Who will the next generation of heroes be?

Thought For The Day

“The same instinct that has allowed men to dominate our society for all of recorded history allows for selectivity in communication. Men know what information is important to convey and what is just a waste of time. Instead of talking on the phone about nothing, men are out running governments and exploring outer space”. -- Corey McFadden, 18, Bethlehem, PA (from Parade Magazine column "Fresh Voices": Sept. 27, 1998.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introduction To This Blog

We are facing an unprecedented social crisis with the breakdown of the family unit in America today due to an ongoing and growing trend called a Marriage Strike. There is no one cause to explain it because there are many interrelated factors responsible for this development. Most of these factors have a ripple-down effect to affect the men who are participating in this strike. Subsequent posts will delineate some of these factors and their ramifications.

The purpose of this blog is to bring together the many factors to explain the cumulative effect known and referred to as the Marriage Strike.

Consider this:

On one hand, the Federal government is spending billions of your tax dollars to promote marriages while on the other hand, the State governments have passed legislation to encourage the dissolution of marriages with no-fault divorces and liberal alimony entitlements.

No-fault divorce laws combined with the liberal financial benefits normally granted to one of the spouses provide a great "incentive" for the breakup of a marriage. Divorces can be had with as little as a declaration of "irreconcilable differences" from one of the spouses. The ease with which this can be accomplished combined with the promise of at least half of the assets, pensions and retirement funds, child support if there are children and a lifetime of alimony welfare support payments are the incentive for a dissatisfied spouse to terminate the marriage with the other spouse picking up the bill. The divorce rate hovering around 50% and the number of unmarried households outnumbering the married households supports this view.

In the wake of these no-fault laws comes the legal profession and divorce industry to feed off the divorces and misery caused by a marriage turned sour and which profits them to the tune of billions of dollars annually. Not only does the legal profession profit, but also there is an incentive for the States to facilitate this progress because they profit from this dissolution process by taking advantage of the grants offered to them in their course of overseeing this misery. In addition, the U.S.A. is spending $46 Billion every year on programs caused due to broken families.

Reflect on the fact that legislatures are composed largely of lawyers who make the laws affecting your marriage and your life. These laws are administered by judges who are all attorneys promoted or elected to that position. Considering the hefty legal fees that they charge and the resulting profits to be made from the adversarial nature of divorces, you can see that the legal profession is a self-perpetuating system overseen by the state’s bar associations and it is to their advantage to encourage all these laws as a matter of job security for themselves.

Ask anyone who has gone through the trauma of a divorce and you will find that not only has a large portion of their finances been devoured by legal fees, but one of the spouses has been placed under a financial hardship for the rest of their lives. Oftentimes being divorced becomes a matter of FINANCIAL SUICIDE for one of the spouses.

We need to stop the legal systems that has grown into a symbiotic "professional" industry which has emerged to "process" divorce, support and custody issues in a complex comparable to the military-industrial one. Read the article “The Hidden Hardship in Family Law” where $8 Billion was paid to family law lawyers in 2001.