Saturday, April 18, 2009

Various Factors In The Ongoing Marriage Strike

There are quite a number of factors that contribute to the marriage strike that is embracing the country. Below is a collection of stories that show the direction in which the marriage strike is heading and you will see that it is well underway.

** "Feminist scholar’s new book proposes most dangerous idea ever: turn sex into a presumed crime when a woman cries ‘rape'." [READ MORE...]

"I've noticed in the past two years or so, a lot of "conservative" or "traditional" women writing books about misandry in American culture.

While this is well and good, and strategically men should use these women to their advantage in their men's rights advocacy, one should question why now, after 20 or so years of men saying the same thing, these women start to be "advocates" for men's rights." [READ MORE...l

** "Over the past 15 years the rate of marriage had dropped precipitously from a national average of 11.6 marriages per 1000 adults in 1990 to 8.9 marriages per 1000 adults in 2004 (the latest date for which the CDC carries these statistics). Several demographic reasons have been posited as to why this erosion of the family unit is occurring.

The most celebrated of the expository books on the subject is Barbara Defoe's "Why There Are No Good Men Left: The Romantic Plight of the New Single Woman". Ms. Defoe posits the highly plausible explanation that women and men are postponing marriage until a later time. And while that sounds reasonable and may, in fact, be part of the reason for the initial decline, the math simply doesn't add up. " [READ MORE....]

** Getting away with murder - feminist style! [READ MORE....]

** It's even getting bad when girlfriends start going after your assets. [READ MORE....]

** Feminist with no kids: What was I thinking? [READ MORE....]

** Wikipedia has deleted the page referencing the Marriage Strike
Read the discussion as to whether or not to delete it.

** Divorce is only a happy day for women, because they get everything. And for this reason, men should not marry, and under no circumstances should they give a woman children.

Well the above should keep you busy for a while. In the meantime, I will dig up more tidbits for your edification.