Sunday, August 17, 2008

Articles on Feminism's Adverse Effects

"But men are not so smart (myself included) as to be able to discern which woman, when the "system"gets its hands on her/them, might do it to them again. Therefore, guys are gun-shy with respect to all women.

That is one of the horrid consequences of a"family" (sic) court system which is fueled by 1.) seizure and liquidation of men's assets, and 2.) binding men into 20 year slave obligations for children they had no "choice"over, noting that many of them were sperm-trapped into slavery. These men all live their lives in fear now. Fear of prison just for losing their jobs.

It is a Federal crime to fall behind on "child support" by $5,000,and this Federal crime means jail time.The problem is, that the "child support" in the vast majority of cases, is set at a level where the man is all but guaranteed to fall behind at some point. There are reasons for this over-setting by the courts which this blog covers in other sections, but suffice it to say that the real threat of excessive "child support" awards are used by lawyers to draw parents into an expensive self-defense fight. "[Read more....]


Another interesting aspect of feminism is discussed in the TwoGadflies blog:

"Today I examine one critique of feminism, as I launch a series on critiques of feminism, but I could just as well do a series on “defining what’s wrong with our society and the solution”.

Today’s anti-feminist viewpoint comes from Dennis Prager in his article “Why Are So Many Women Depressed?” on

Prager’s main point is that depression in women today is a result of feminism, specifically because feminism led parents and teachers to teach girls that their “emotions and feelings were inherently valuable”, rather than training them to control themselves. “It is impossible to attain any happiness without conquering one’s nature.” [Read more....]


Feminism is having an adverse impact on a global scale. Here's an example from our northern neighbor of Canada that goes so far as to claim that it is contributing to the end of that country:

"As for nation building feminism has disrupted the sole unit - the family unit - by which a country depends on for population increase. Feminism has introduced confusion into the family unit by confusing gender roles. It compels women to take on the role of the man and forces men to increasingly take on the role of the woman. Because of this women feel that they are less of a woman if they are dispossessed of a career or meaningful work leaving them with less time, and sometimes even less care, for child bearing and rearing. To be blunt, feminism has debased motherhood to notions of slavery and sub human status." [Read more...]