Thursday, July 24, 2008

Articles on the Marriage Strike

The marriage strike is a worldwide phenomena. This recent article from the UK shows us what is happening there:

Married couples are now in the minority as number of single and divorced people soars:

"Married people have become a minority for the first time, it emerged yesterday.

Most over-16s are now single, divorced or widowed, figures from the Office for National Statistics indicate.

In 2006, the last year for which details are available, there were 236,980 weddings in England and Wales – the lowest number since 1895.

It was also the lowest proportion of marriages compared to the population since counting began in the mid-Victorian era." [Read more....]

Here's another one:

A straight, no-chaser dialogue with Marc Rudov, author of "The Man's No Nonsense Guide To Women: How To Succeed In Romance On Planet Earth."

"Is there a marriage strike? Are men being bombarded with and confused by the mixed signals they receive about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage? And who is confusing men with these mixed signals? Is it the media? Society? Women? And what key pieces of information should we share with our children about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage in connection with their future roles as spouses and parents which will allow them to develop and maintain loving and stable marriages and relationships?" [Read more....]