Thursday, July 24, 2008

Articles on the Marriage Strike

The marriage strike is a worldwide phenomena. This recent article from the UK shows us what is happening there:

Married couples are now in the minority as number of single and divorced people soars:

"Married people have become a minority for the first time, it emerged yesterday.

Most over-16s are now single, divorced or widowed, figures from the Office for National Statistics indicate.

In 2006, the last year for which details are available, there were 236,980 weddings in England and Wales – the lowest number since 1895.

It was also the lowest proportion of marriages compared to the population since counting began in the mid-Victorian era." [Read more....]

Here's another one:

A straight, no-chaser dialogue with Marc Rudov, author of "The Man's No Nonsense Guide To Women: How To Succeed In Romance On Planet Earth."

"Is there a marriage strike? Are men being bombarded with and confused by the mixed signals they receive about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage? And who is confusing men with these mixed signals? Is it the media? Society? Women? And what key pieces of information should we share with our children about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage in connection with their future roles as spouses and parents which will allow them to develop and maintain loving and stable marriages and relationships?" [Read more....]

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Spouse's Guide To Hiding Assets

For those of you whose assets are in jeopardy from the family law industry, from spouses-to-be or ex-spouses, you might want to take a look at this new eBook that was just released.


Panama Publishing, Inc. has recently published the Pro Se Self-Help Guidebook: "A Spouse's Guide To Hiding Assets" to their series of books to fill a void in the market that is comprised of people who need to know how to protect their assets from from being taken away by the family law courts.

This guidebook is for anyone who has ever wanted to find out about how assets can be "repositioned," how assets can safely be protected and "cloaked," how you can locate them when someone else has them, and what methods you can employ to find them.

There are essentially five periods when you absolutely need to concern yourself with the planning of your asset protection: before marriage, during marriage, before a divorce, after a divorce, and when you are facing a contempt of court hearing.

Protecting your assets is primarily concerned with finding legal and relatively easy methods to implement that are readily available and cost effective. Surprisingly enough, you don't have to resort to exotic and complicated remedies like going offshore to do so. Your other concern
is being familiar with the basic laws that regulate what you are trying to do and to understanding how the courts view them.

Your goal is to make your assets "bulletproof" from the courts and as invisible as possible in order to keep them safe from outside attacks. You will find explained some entirely legitimate and commonly overlooked ways to protect your assets, some precautions to use, and very possibly, some considerations of which you weren't aware.

Link to book

Panama Publishing's other self-help guidebooks were created specifically for the person who needs to face the family law court on a self-represented basis. With Florida used as an example, each of these guidebooks cover a specific topic such as:

How To Modify Your Alimony Payments
How To Lower Your Alimony Payments: Tips and Techniques
How To Defend Yourself In Contempt Of Court Hearings
How To Appeal In State Court Of Appeals

Even those readers who can afford a lawyer will find these books useful and informative. The guides are designed to help the parties involved in family law cases to learn about the process, procedures and paperwork involved with modifying alimony, contempt of court, and appeals. It can save them money by not having to have their lawyer spend expensive billable hours explaining things to them.

The material presented is given in an easy-to-understand layman's language and simplifies the details to where, in most instances, an individual might undertake their own case on a self-represented basis .

One of the unique facets about these guides is the ongoing and continuing support provided by the publisher's website for each book that, in effect, gives new and updated information to the
book's chapter contents as it arises. This website support insures that the data in the guide books is kept current without having to publish revised editions.

You can read more about these books at the following sites: or

Articles: "Freemale," A New Term

Here's an insightful article below and one that introduces a new word to our lexicon of "Freemale" and it's not referring to the male gender.

Earlier, I mentioned the marriage strike. And I will now assert-- nay, promulgate! -- as a point of political dogma, that only men can be marriage strikers. The marriage strike is purely a MALE project, and must in no way be conflated with any female culture of marriage avoidance. To do so, would bestow upon women a gravitas, and a crown of thorns, to which they are not entitled.

Women have a lot to gain from marriage, and men have lot to lose -- far more than women do.

Thanks to feminism, a woman can treat the matrimonial parchment like a tabula rasa, and write the script as she deems fitting. And she can tear it up whenever she wants to, and "make out like a bandit" in her divorce settlement, and drag the children along just like all the other loot she manages to haul away.

And thanks to feminism, marriage is for men a peonage contract -- at the very best, it is life under a Sword of Damocles; at the very worst, it is a death trap. A man who marries signs his life away to a potential betrayer, one who can lie about him with the law to back her up, one who can reduce him to beggary and destitution, to living in his car, even to a jail cell. Such is the value of male life under the feminist regime.

What I have just described is what the law permits to happen, and what police, social services, legal professionals and court systems connive and wink at. No, women cannot be marriage strikers or warrantably call themselves such, for they have nothing to strike about. [Read more...]


The following article: A STRAIGHT, NO-CHASER DIALOGUE WITH MARC RUDOV, AUTHOR OF "THE MAN'S NO NONSENSE GUIDE TO WOMEN: HOW TO SUCCEED IN ROMANCE ON PLANET EARTH discusses the new "rules of engagement" courtship and marriage.

Is there a marriage strike? Are men being bombarded with and confused by the mixed signals they receive about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage? And who is confusing men with these mixed signals? Is it the media? Society? Women? And what key pieces of information should we share with our children about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage in connection with their future roles as spouses and parents which will allow them to develop and maintain loving and stable marriages and relationships? [Read more....]

Friday, July 11, 2008

Article: The Negatives of Marriage for Men Often Outweigh the Positives

Here's a perceptive article: "Single Men in Never-Neverland" - by Dr. Helen Smith, February 7, 2008

"Why do today's men run from commitment -- indefinitely delaying settling down in a marriage they take seriously, and having kids? Dr. Helen Smith asks whether they are indeed pampered eternal adolescents more interested in exploding toilets and video games than real life.

Yep, it’s just that freewheeling marketplace or an avoidance of deep attachments or whatever that is keeping men from taking marriage seriously, settling down and having kids. But I don’t think that’s the whole story. What Hymowitz misses is that men are on a marriage strike, not necessarily because they are perpetual adolescents or avoiding deep attachments to others but because the reward for being an adult in our society is so low, especially for men.

It’s really simple Psychology 101 (or Economics 101) — make something negative enough and people will avoid it, make it positive, and more people will engage in that particular behavior.

Nowadays, for many men, the negatives of marriage for men often outweigh the positives. Therefore, they engage in it less often. Not because they are bad, not because they are perpetual adolescents, but because they have weighed the pros and cons of marriage in a rational manner and found the institution to be lacking for them. It’s a sensible choice for some and the video games, magazines, and humor websites that Hymowitz disses are a way to fill one’s time with fun activities that don’t tell you that you suck, are an “unfinished person,” emotionally detached or on your way to jail for fake domestic violence charges. People used to treat men better than this." [Read more....]

Monday, July 7, 2008

Marriage Strike Articles

Here are some interesting articles on the Marriage Strike:

Pope Benedict XVI Recognizes Powerful Effect Of Marriage Strike On Catholic Marriages in U.S.? ~by Legal Pub

"Did the Pope just recognize that the Marriage Strike Movement in the U.S. is having an effect on the Catholic Church? Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI discussed the sex abuse scandal in the Church, pornography, and the "alarming decrease" in Catholic marriages in the United States." Read more about the Marriage Strike


You think it's bad now?

"Just like the global warming pundits, I feel compelled to paint the picture of what the future will be like “if things don’t change”, as just like them I do not expect anything to change. So imagine a good decade or more down the road, figure that no other major catastrophes to give society the electro shock therapy that it desperately needs.

Marriage of course will be dead in the eyes of any man under thirty." [Read more...]


Glenn Sacks
A Feminist Disputes the 'Marriage Strike'

"Feminists are part of the problem. Traditional chivalrous males (like most judges) are part of the problem. Attorneys are part of the problem, and the government is part of the problem. And while feminists have certainly caused great harm in family law, they certainly aren't always wrong, either. " [Read more...]

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Viral Marketing Is Aiding The Growth Of The Marriage Strike

Below are a couple of articles from anti-feminist blogs. The cumulative effect of all these blogs, articles, and comments is similar to that of sending jokes and such material to your email list of contacts. The recipients in turn, forward them to their list, and so it goes. This is known as Viral Marketing.

If the same trend of the articles is repeated over and over repeatedly to men, they tend to believe them and take heed. As a result, they acquire a caution, nay fear of the entanglements that they face should they get married. Hence, the growth of the Marriage Strike movement.

Here are the articles:

"Another trend, that has already begun and is already being noted by feminists and men alike, is that of the fear women seem to have about ‘dying alone surrounded by cats’. If my observation of women has shown me anything, it’s that they can barely tolerate each other in their relative youth and in old age they all but completely ignore each other in old age. The ones already locked into this trajectory I suspect will make overtures to their screwed up children in the hopes that somebody will be around to notice the dead body." [Read more...]


"Looking for a wife? Make sure she is under 27. Why, you say?'s where biology meets the marriage strike. You see, a woman's fertility begins to drop off at 27. At 35 it begins to plummet. It is also at 27 that many women wake up from either (1) their partying and incessant one-night stands with bad boys or (2) their "empowering" careers or (3) both, and realize they might want a baby." [Read more...]