Monday, July 7, 2008

Marriage Strike Articles

Here are some interesting articles on the Marriage Strike:

Pope Benedict XVI Recognizes Powerful Effect Of Marriage Strike On Catholic Marriages in U.S.? ~by Legal Pub

"Did the Pope just recognize that the Marriage Strike Movement in the U.S. is having an effect on the Catholic Church? Yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI discussed the sex abuse scandal in the Church, pornography, and the "alarming decrease" in Catholic marriages in the United States." Read more about the Marriage Strike


You think it's bad now?

"Just like the global warming pundits, I feel compelled to paint the picture of what the future will be like “if things don’t change”, as just like them I do not expect anything to change. So imagine a good decade or more down the road, figure that no other major catastrophes to give society the electro shock therapy that it desperately needs.

Marriage of course will be dead in the eyes of any man under thirty." [Read more...]


Glenn Sacks
A Feminist Disputes the 'Marriage Strike'

"Feminists are part of the problem. Traditional chivalrous males (like most judges) are part of the problem. Attorneys are part of the problem, and the government is part of the problem. And while feminists have certainly caused great harm in family law, they certainly aren't always wrong, either. " [Read more...]