Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Articles: "Freemale," A New Term

Here's an insightful article below and one that introduces a new word to our lexicon of "Freemale" and it's not referring to the male gender.

Earlier, I mentioned the marriage strike. And I will now assert-- nay, promulgate! -- as a point of political dogma, that only men can be marriage strikers. The marriage strike is purely a MALE project, and must in no way be conflated with any female culture of marriage avoidance. To do so, would bestow upon women a gravitas, and a crown of thorns, to which they are not entitled.

Women have a lot to gain from marriage, and men have lot to lose -- far more than women do.

Thanks to feminism, a woman can treat the matrimonial parchment like a tabula rasa, and write the script as she deems fitting. And she can tear it up whenever she wants to, and "make out like a bandit" in her divorce settlement, and drag the children along just like all the other loot she manages to haul away.

And thanks to feminism, marriage is for men a peonage contract -- at the very best, it is life under a Sword of Damocles; at the very worst, it is a death trap. A man who marries signs his life away to a potential betrayer, one who can lie about him with the law to back her up, one who can reduce him to beggary and destitution, to living in his car, even to a jail cell. Such is the value of male life under the feminist regime.

What I have just described is what the law permits to happen, and what police, social services, legal professionals and court systems connive and wink at. No, women cannot be marriage strikers or warrantably call themselves such, for they have nothing to strike about. [Read more...]


The following article: A STRAIGHT, NO-CHASER DIALOGUE WITH MARC RUDOV, AUTHOR OF "THE MAN'S NO NONSENSE GUIDE TO WOMEN: HOW TO SUCCEED IN ROMANCE ON PLANET EARTH discusses the new "rules of engagement" courtship and marriage.

Is there a marriage strike? Are men being bombarded with and confused by the mixed signals they receive about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage? And who is confusing men with these mixed signals? Is it the media? Society? Women? And what key pieces of information should we share with our children about the rules of engagement concerning courtship and marriage in connection with their future roles as spouses and parents which will allow them to develop and maintain loving and stable marriages and relationships? [Read more....]