Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Viral Marketing Is Aiding The Growth Of The Marriage Strike

Below are a couple of articles from anti-feminist blogs. The cumulative effect of all these blogs, articles, and comments is similar to that of sending jokes and such material to your email list of contacts. The recipients in turn, forward them to their list, and so it goes. This is known as Viral Marketing.

If the same trend of the articles is repeated over and over repeatedly to men, they tend to believe them and take heed. As a result, they acquire a caution, nay fear of the entanglements that they face should they get married. Hence, the growth of the Marriage Strike movement.

Here are the articles:

"Another trend, that has already begun and is already being noted by feminists and men alike, is that of the fear women seem to have about ‘dying alone surrounded by cats’. If my observation of women has shown me anything, it’s that they can barely tolerate each other in their relative youth and in old age they all but completely ignore each other in old age. The ones already locked into this trajectory I suspect will make overtures to their screwed up children in the hopes that somebody will be around to notice the dead body." [Read more...]


"Looking for a wife? Make sure she is under 27. Why, you say? Well...it's where biology meets the marriage strike. You see, a woman's fertility begins to drop off at 27. At 35 it begins to plummet. It is also at 27 that many women wake up from either (1) their partying and incessant one-night stands with bad boys or (2) their "empowering" careers or (3) both, and realize they might want a baby." [Read more...]